1. ES30 Ultralite Sportwrap Lead Glasses
  2. ES96 Wiley X Airrage Lead Glasses
  3. ES2 Tortoise Wrap Lead Glasses
  4. ES40S Lead Glasses
  5. ES76S Phantom Lead Glasses
  6. ES77S Lead Glasses
  7. ES37 Lead Glasses
  8. ES25 Lead Goggles

    Vented goggle with neoprene foam on the inside. The flame-resistant elastic adjustable head band makes this frame extremely comfortable, and the large lens pocket allows for maximum viewing area.

  9. ES82 Lead Glasses
    Starting at $274.00

    This model offers a stylish wrap-around frame constructed with high impact nylon. It features rubberized soft grip temple bars for a secure fit. Designed for broader faces.

  10. ES86 Lead Glasses
  11. ES90/91/92 Fit-over Lead Glasses
  12. ES99 Ultralite Sportwrap Lead Glasses
  13. ES17 Wiley X P17 Lead Glasses
  14. ES55 Sport Wrap Glasses
  15. ES51 Lead Glasses
  16. ES52 Lead Glasses
  17. ES53 Lead Glasses
  18. ES54 Lead Glasses
  21. NIKE® FLIP
  24. NIKE® 4281


  1. ES282 Medical Safety Glasses

    RX NOT available        Protection
    Impact Resistant
    Splash Protection


    • Anti-Glare/Flash Silver Mirror Reduces Glare from harsh lighting

    Military Grade No-Fog Lens

    Saddle Bridge Rubberized Nose Piece for Non-Slip Security and Comfort

    Secure-Grip Rubberized Temple Bar

Caps & Hoods

  1. Leaded Hood
    Starting at $185.00
    Lead hoods can give additional protection in procedures which use high doses of x-ray radiation for long periods of time. The hoods also have the option to include a built-in thyroid shield.
  2. Leaded Cap
    Starting at $87.00

    Standard size cap with your choice of closure.


  1. Apron Bag
    Starting at $72.00

    The Apron Bag is designed to transport, protect and extend the life or your apron. To help with the integrity of the apron, we have included a tube to roll the apron in while it is in the Apron Bag. The bag can be customized with your choice of 80 colors, embroidered designs, and text and can also be made to match your apron if desired. Designs are also available for an additional $15.  Size 26.5” x 6.5" x6.5"

    Two styles to choose from:

    1. ZipTop Bag - Zippers lengthwise along the top, by the handle.
    2. ZipEnd Bag - Zippers on the end.

Thyroid Shields

  1. Washable Thyroid Shield Covers, Set of 3
    Starting at $44.00

    Washable Thyroid Shield Covers, Set of 3

  2. Disposable Thyroid Shield Covers, Set of 6

    Disposable Thyroid Shield Covers, Set of 6

  3. TSV - Thyroid Shield Visor

    The visor style thyroid shield's comfort collar sits snug around the neck for better fit. It has a large and uncompromised area of protection for better peace of mind. Offered in a wide variety of colors, you can have it customized to match your apron. It comes with a ring and tether to attach to the apron if needed.

    Find out why our Visor style is different than other brands HERE.

  4. TSS - Thyroid Shield Standard

    Our standard thyroid shield is a great choice for full thyroid protection. Designed to be worn loosely for a comfortable fit and reliable coverage.
  5. TSO - Thyroid Shield Oversize

    The oversize thyroid shield is for those who desire more protection area, or have a larger neck.

DisCide Wipes


  1. AH Apron Hanger
    Starting at $35.00
    Stainless Steel apron hangers built to carry the weight of lead aprons. Closed Loop for keeping hangers on the rack. Semi-Closed option for removable hangers.

Mobile Racks

  1. MR4 Apron Rack w/ 10 Hangers
    Starting at $525.00

    A heavy duty mobile, nesting Z style rack that offers superior stability for lead apron storage. Choice of 10 AH1, AH2, AH3, or AH4 apron hangers; additional hangers can be added. Large heavy-duty locking swivel casters allow the rack to be easily moved when needed. Maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. Apron not included. 51"l x 23"w x 55"

    (MR4 pictured with AH1)

  2.  MR3 8 Arm Mobile Apron Rack

    An 8 arm mobile rack that holds up to 8 frontal or wrap around lead aprons. The circulating design allows easy access to aprons while taking up minimal space.

  3. MR6 - 10 Arm Mobile Apron Rack

    10 Arm mobile rack with hangers affixed. Easily fits against a wall for convenient access to lead aprons and accessories.
  4. MR1 Apron Rack

    Holds 10 frontal or wrap around aprons.  Pedestal design is counter weighted for the utmost in stability

  5. Apron Security Rack

    This mobile lead apron rack comes with 10 hangers and features heavy duty construction, a chrome finish, high grade castors, an apron lock, and lockable doors.
    - Dimensions '36” W x 24” D x 69” H
    - Weight Capacity 1,000 lbs

Wall Racks

  1. WR2 5 Arm Wall Mount Swing Rack

    Wall-mounted swing rack that can hold up to 5 frontal or wrap around aprons. The arms can swing either right or left. Flattens to nearly 180 degrees. 17"w x 4-5/8"h

  2. Apron Wall Mount Peg Racks
    Starting at $60.00

    Wall-mounted peg rack designed to hold frontal or wrap around aprons. Each peg is 4" long

    WR1   6"W x 3"H x 4-5/16"D    Capacity 1 Apron
    WR3   19"W x 3"H x 4-5/16"D  Capacity 4 Aprons
    WR4   12"'W x 3"H x 4-5/16"D Capacity 2 Aprons
    WR5   36"W x 3"H x 4-5/16"D  Capacity 7 Aprons
    WR6   50"W x 3"H x 4-5/16"D  Capacity 9 Aprons


  1. Opaque Mobile Barriers with Window

    Reduce barrier cost in half with our window barrier. These barriers provide 2.0mm Pb equivalency and are offered in multiple sizes. Each size has a standard 10 x 12 inch window located at 60 inches from the base of the barrier. Heavy duty construction and locking castors provide years of maintenance free use.        

  2. Ultra Barrier

    Provides full-body protection to groups of medical personnel assisting in or observing a procedure. Overall: 75"H x 75.5"W Window Pane: 36"H x 72"W - 2mm lead equivalency. Opaque Panel: 36"H x 72"W - 2mm lead equivalency.
  3. Jumbo Barrier

    Large 30” x 60” shatter resistant CLEAR-Pb glass window provides superb full height visibility.

    Overall: 75"H x 33.5"W

    Window Pane: 60"H x 30"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

    Opaque Panel: 12"H x 30"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

  4. Nuclear Medicine Barrier

    Specifically designed shorter and wider for shielding nuclear medicine personnel from patient-emitted

    Overall: 64"H x 39"W

    Window Pane: 24"H x 36"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

    Opaque Panel: 34"H x 36"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

  5. Regular Barrier

    This rugged mobile barrier can easily fit into the most confining of spaces and provides exceptional

    Overall: 75"H x 33.5"W

    Window Pane: 24"H x 30"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

    Opaque Panel: 48"H x 30"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

  6. Deluxe Barrier

    The large 48” wide shatter resistant CLEAR-Pb glass window provides unrestricted visibility and maximum protection for two or more people.

    Overall: 75"H x 52.5"W

    Window Pane: 36"H x 48"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

    Opaque Panel: 36"H x 48"W - 2mm lead equivalency.

  7. Contoured Mobile Leaded Barrier

    The Contoured Mobile Leaded Barrier with 20” x 24” Window is a portable, full-body radiation barrier for protection against secondary radiation. It features a 20” x 24” 2.0mm lead equivalency glass window for viewing. Its steel construction features contoured sides and a locking castor system for ease of mobility.
  8. Adjustable Height Barrier

    Radiation protection barrier with adjustable lead-acrylic shield

Porta Shields

  1. Lead Porta Shield with Stand

    Mobile radiation protection shield covered with a stain resistant, washable nylon fabric. Available in three lengths (24” shown). Pole adjusts from 36”- 52” in height. 24”W Base.

  2. T-Base Porta Shield

    Features and Benefits:

    • High quality all steel construction
    • T-Base design provides excellent stability and easy positioning around equipment
    • Easy glide wheels allow for smooth movement around the procedure room
    • Lockable caster wheels make it easy to secure in place
    • Posi-Lock height adjustment arm with spring-laoded pin for easy changed in height


  1. Sandbag Kit, Set of 3

    Set of one SB2, SB3 and SB5

  2. Pediatric Sandbag Set of 4

    Set of one SB14, SB15, SB16 and SB17

  3. 7lb Pediatric Sandbag, Set of 2
  4. 7oz Pediatric Sandbag

    6" x 2"

  5. 2lb Pediatric Sandbag

    9" x 4"

  6. 4lb Pediatric Sandbag

    18" x 4"

  7. 4oz Pediatric Sandbag

    4" x 2"

  8. 7lb Angiographic Sandbag

    11" x 6" x 2"

  9. 10lb Femoral Sandbag

    14" x 6" x 2.5"

  10. 11.5lb Sandbag

    21" x 6"

  11. 14lb Sandbag

    13" x 11"

  12. 10lb Sandbag w/ Handles, Wide, Set of 2
  13. 10lb Sandbag w/ Handles Set of 2

    11" x 11" x 2"

  14. 10.75lb Sandbag

    12" x 12"

  15. 7.5lb Sandbag

    16" x 6"

  16. 3lb Sandbag

    11" x 5.5"

  17. 2.5lb Sandbag

    9" x 5"

  18. 7lb Firm-Fill Sandbag

    10" x 6" x 2"

  19. 13lb Sandbag

    11" x 11" x 2"

  20. 3lb Sandbag

    9" x 7" x 2"

  21. 7lb Sandbag

    11" x 8" x 2"

  22. 12lb Firm-Fill Sandbag

    15" x 6" x 2"

  23. Standard Sandbag Kit, Set of 4

    Set of one SB7, SB8, SB9 and SB11.

  24. Deluxe Sandbag Kit, Set of 6

    Set of one SB7, SB8, SB9, SB10, SB11 and SB12.

Gel Pads

  1. Operating Table Pad

    Provides protection over the entire surface area of the operating table and is recommended for use with patients in all positions. The pad is flexible, soft, comfortable and versatile.

Sterile Disposable

  1. Gauntlet -  Leaded Glove (LG)
  2. Gauntlet LF -  Non-Leaded Glove (NLG)

Front Only

  1. Frontal Lead Apron

    The F17 is a great option for those who don't turn their back to the source of x-rays and need a lightweight, simple lead apron. This model offers frontal protection with criss-cross stretch back and hook and loop. The stretch closure provides greater weight distribution between shoulders and back, it also makes it one of our easiest aprons to put on. 

  2. Frontal Lead Apron

    The A10 model lead apron provides frontal protection with a great variance in fit for different body types. It offers a criss-cross stretch back, Hook & Loop shoulder strap and front buckle closure. The A10 provides weight distribution between shoulders and back. We also have pregnancy/maternity attachments available that help keep women safer during those months.

  3. 601 - Lead Apron

    The 601 is a budget friendly option for those needing frontal protection and the option for preserving the integrity of a sterile field. This model offers frontal protection apron with criss-cross stretch back and Hook & Loop shoulder closure. Hook & Loop tabs at the shoulders and waist allow for quick removal maintaining the integrity of the sterile field.

Front + Back / 1 Piece

  1. Front and Back Lead Apron

    The Euro is a One-piece, wrap-around apron with an opening in the back and a stretch Hook & Loop closure. This apron distributes weight from shoulders to hips with no need for overlap making the apron lighter in weight.

  2. F111 - Lead Apron

    The F111 is a single piece wrap-around apron with a 6”wide stretch belt and front buckle closure. This apron works well for anyone who needs an apron that’s quick and easy to put on. It features padded shoulders and adjustable lumbar support belt.

  3. F112 Full Overlap Lead Apron

    The F112 is a one-piece wrap-around apron with a 6”wide stretch belt and front buckle closure. Padded shoulders and adjustable lumbar support belt.

Front + Back / 2 Pieces

  1. Vest and Kilt Lead apron

    The FVK is a full overlap wrap-around apron with a low overall weight. It has a two-piece design made up of a vest and kilt for better weight distribution. This model features a front Hook & Loop closure.

  2. PVK - Lead Apron

    The PVK is a two-piece, wrap-around apron with superior lumbar support and excellent weight distribution. This apron hugs the waist and anchors the weight at the hips. This causes there to be virtually no weight burden on the shoulders which eases the load on the back significantly. 

  3. VK- Vest and Kilt Lead Apron

    The VK is a two piece, front and back protecting apron. When paired with a belt this apron provides substantial back support and comfort. Features include a front Hook & Loop closure. Belt not included.