Press Releases

Burlington Medical Introduces 3DLOOK, an Industry-First Self-Service, Body-Scanning Technology

This cutting-edge technology supports Burlington’s made-to-measure capabilities without the need for in-person fittings.

Burlington Medical and Radiological Care Services Partner to Protect Patients and Staff from Health Care-Associated Infections

This new x-ray garment cleaning partnership is a large step in maintaining infection control for both patients and staff members of health care systems

Burlington Medical Introduces Lightest, Most Effective Radiation Protection Material Yet

New Core Material, Up to 21% Lighter, Keeps Health Providers Safer and More Comfortable

Burlington Medical Develops the First-of-Its-Kind Radiation Protection Garment Exclusively for Women

To answer the increased risk of breast cancer for women working in the radiology space and provider concerns about comfort and coverage, our patent-pending Princess Vest better fits the curves of the female body to change the way women are protected from scatter radiation.