Inside the Marker Room

Our marker room is the key to creating custom, tailored pieces and adding design elements like embroidery that our customers love. It’s where the magic happens.

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Protecting Female Medical Workers from Breast Cancer

Burlington Medical is committed to protecting our customers from the harmful effects of repeated exposure to ionizing radiation. Typical radiation protection garments are not designed to fit around a woman’s curves. Traditional aprons that are worn lie flat across the chest, leaving the UOQ open to absorb scatter radiation. Burlington Medical designers identified this need and developed a vest to give women better protection.

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How To Protect Patients and Staff From Healthcare-Associated Infections

Burlington Medical and Radiological Care Services care about customers.

Burlington Medical is taking a formal approach to the cleaning of x-ray garments. We are partnering with Radiological Care Services (RCS) to provide timely repairs and deep cleaning of our x-ray aprons and thyroid shields. Burlington Medical and the founders of RCS care about the safety and well-being of our customers who utilize imaging technology and the patients those garments may touch.

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