The protective material used in radiation protection garments and accessories contain heavy metals that attenuate scatter radiation and protect you from the detrimental effects of radiation exposure. These heavy metals are included in the Toxic Substances List under the Environmental Protection Act as hazardous waste. These metals are not environmentally friendly and should be properly disposed of when they are no longer in use. In addition, radiation protection garments may be contaminated with biohazardous waste and disposing of them is heavily regulated.

What Should my First Steps be?

The first thing you should do is to check your state regulations regarding the disposal of lead and other heavy metals to determine what guidelines you need to follow.

Will Burlington Medical Dispose of my Aprons?

Burlington Medical is committed to making the disposal of radiation protection garments easy for you while continuing to adopt eco-friendly business practices. Radiation protection garments, accessories and drapes are disposed of with or without the purchase of replacement items as per the fee schedule posted below*.

  Disposal Fee
Apron Disposal with Purchase of a New Apron $50
Apron Disposal, only $100
Thyroid Shield & Other Accessories with Purchase of a New Thyroid Shield or Accessory $25
Thyroid Shield or Accessory Disposal, only $35
Drape Disposal with Purchase of a New Drape $50
Drape Disposal, only $100

*Prices are effective as of 8/31/2020

Contact our Customer Care Team at 800-221-3466 or contact your local Account Manager to request shipping information for a disposal.
Disposals should not be sent to Burlington Medical without shipping authorization; any disposals received without appropriate authorization will be returned to the sender at their cost.

*Contracted customers should contact their Account Manager for details on disposal fees.

Need some disposal assistance?

Ask your Account Manager or call Customer Support at 1-800-221-3466.