The protective material used in radiation protection aprons and accessories contains heavy metals that attenuate scatter radiation and protect you from the detrimental effects of radiation exposure. The problem is that those same heavy metals are not very friendly to the environment and should be handled properly when they are no longer in use. If you have a radiation protection garment that needs to be taken out of use, be sure to properly dispose of it.

What Should my First Steps be?

The first thing you should do is to check with your state regulations regarding the disposal of lead and other heavy metals to determine what guidelines you need to follow.

What if I Purchased my Apron from Burlington?

We are also here to help with our one-for-one disposal program!

If you have purchased an apron from us in the calendar year, you may send us the apron for free disposal. All you do is cover the shipping costs.

What if I Didn’t Purchase my Apron from Burlington?

If you haven’t purchased an apron from us, you can still send one in for disposal for a fee of $100 for a front/back apron, $75 for frontal apron, $20 for an accessory such as a thyroid shield, plus shipping costs.

Need some disposal assistance?

Ask your Account Manager or call Customer Support at 1-800-221-3466.