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We are now powered by Xenolite! Take a look at the world’s lightest radiation protection aprons.

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We capture 24 precise measurements based on 2 photos – virtually!

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The number of radiologists and radiologic technicians is expected to increase by nearly ten percent in the year 2024. This means that radiology professionals and their patients need not just more protection, but better protection.

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Our clinical experience, our quality, and our unique tailored aprons set us apart from the rest.


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Better radiation protection with no excess weight. Less musculoskeletal strain through improved weight distribution.

New Standards in Garment Cleaning

We’re proud to set a new “Best Practice Standard” with regard to garment cleanliness on behalf of your patient and staff safety initiatives. Proper garment cleaning has been long overdue and will improve the overall quality of care within health systems worldwide.
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Lightweight without sacrifice

We call it ethical protection—light without compromising protection or durability. Our 5-year warranty eclipses the 2-year industry standard.


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