The Most Effective,Most LightweightProtective Material Ever

Introducing our NEW Core Material

You asked for a lighter option that’s effective and easier on the body. And we listened.

Many wearers experience musculoskeletal problems, including lower back pain, from extended wear time. Our new core material is one of the lightest on the market—as low as 3 lbs., depending on garment size and bodyweight. Alleviate body pain and stress while allowing for greater flexibility, mobility in the workplace, and quality of life outside of work, too.

It’s a statistically proven process with repeatable and reproducible results.

Proven to attenuate and achieve the lead equivalency you want, our new core material reduces your exposure to scatter radiation in the range of 70-110 kV. Manufactured consistently to these specs every time, the core material effectively protects you when treating the tiniest to the largest of patients.

This advanced new technology is a game-changer.

Our new core material is the result of a composite made of four attenuating elements: antimony, lead, tungsten, and barium. Together, they’re tough yet flexible, weigh less, and protect better. You’ll stay healthy, safe, comfortable, and supported all day long.


Product Specs


0.50mm Pb equivalence is 2-ply of 0.25mm
0.35mm Pb equivalence is 2-ply of 0.175mm
0.25mm Pb equivalence is 1-ply of 0.25mm


80 kV – 0.5mm: 2.1%; 0.35mm: 4.5%; 0.25mm: 8.2%
100 kV – 0.50mm: 6.2%; 0.35mm: 11.3%; 0.25mm: 17.9%


-7% / +3%

Available in

Aprons, vests, kilts, and other wearables

New Core Material = Better Protection + Less Musculoskeletal Burden