The Most Effective,Most Lightweight

Lead-Free Protective Material Ever

Introducing Xenolite 800 NL

Lightweight Meets Lead-Free

XENOLITE “NL” is a lead-free, super-lightweight, flexible and recyclable x-radiation protection material, using a mixture of two attenuating elements, antimony and tungsten, in a mixture optimized for minimum area-weight and maximum attenuation in the key diagnostic imaging range of 80-100 kv.

Protecting You From Radiation, While Saving the Planet

The lead-free material is not “cross-linked” (or “cured”) and is therefore fully recyclable, and thermally re-processable, or may be disposed of as a non-hazardous, non-toxic waste, in municipal landfills.

This advanced new technology is a game-changer

The attenuating elements, in fine powder form, are supported, encapsulated and homogeneously distributed in a tough-but-flexible, high-tech plasticized Dow elastomer matrix. This Dow-DuPont developed elastomer carrier was selected in 2012 after a year of R&D as having the best balance of toughness, flexibility, durability, and cracking resistance, and is more commonly used for flexing components (e.g. running shoes, wire and cable).


New Core Material = Better Protection + Less Musculoskeletal Burden