Female Contour Fitted Vest (Princess Vest)


Changing how women are protected from scatter radiation – exclusively from Burlington Medical

Designed to fit and protect the female form.

Before the Female Contour Fitted Vest, women had to choose between a flat garment that puts pressure on the breasts or a loose garment that leaves gaps where radiation can easily make it to the wearer. With higher breast cancer rates among women in radiology, we’re committed to providing a safer, specialized solution.

A Higher Level of Protection for Women in Medicine

Female Contour Fitted Vests feature an innovation called the Princess Seam, which creates a convex shape that molds to the breasts, lymph nodes, axilla, and front neck areas. This design provides better radiation protection to sensitive tissues and organs.

A new dimension of comfort for women.

By changing the angular designs of unisex X-ray protection vests, Female Contour Fitted Vests offer women greater comfort and range of movement. Female providers no longer need to choose between an X-ray protection garment that’s too tight, big, or heavy. Now, they can stay comfortable with a vest that fits their body without sacrificing X-ray protection.

Relieving musculoskeletal strain.

The contoured fit of the Female Contour Fitted Vest eliminates excess closure fabric and protective material, cutting garment weight significantly and helping to balance the vest across the shoulders and hips. All these features reduce musculoskeletal strain on the upper body, while an integrated elastic band further amplifies the ergonomic design, offering greater comfort that improves every shift.

Get better protection for breast exposure to radiation.

Stay safer at work and work more comfortably.