Outlast technology keeps you more comfortable. Experience the advantages of Outlast, brought to you exclusively by Burlington Medical.

How does the Outlast technology work?

Patented Outlast materials absorb, store and release excess body heat to maintain temperature balance. Our exclusive aprons with Outlast technology proactively manage the build up of heat and moisture to help delay the onset of sweat, helping you stay comfortable.

Essentially, with better temperature control, perspiration is actually reduced. Which means you won’t be hot and sweating one minute and cold the next. You’ll simply be more comfortable.

Proof that Outlast technology works.

Outlast buffers temperature swings to prevent sweating.

The patented phase-change material is a certified space technology that absorbs excess body heat, balancing your temperature and keeping you more comfortable.

Reactive vs. proactive.

With traditional wicking fabric, heat builds and is trapped. You naturally start sweating and become uncomfortable. The materials then react and transport the sweat away from the skin. With Outlast, the advanced fabric proactively absorbs excess body heat delaying the onset of sweat, helping you maintain comfort with a balanced temperature.

Three Ways to Include Outlast in your Wearables


Add Outlast to your new Burlington Medical apron or accessory.


Have us put Outlast in your apron during the recovery process.


Send us your existing aprons and we will add Outlast to them.

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