1. Protective Sleeve

    Our protective sleeves offer protection from side exposure or if you are turned to the source of radiation. They can be attached by velcro®/snaps or sewn onto your apron.

  2. Protective Slip-On Sleeve

    Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, this lightweight and flexible slip-on sleeve is a must-have for individuals working in or around radiation-emitting sources. Its innovative construction efficiently blocks harmful particles, significantly reducing your risk of radiation exposure and potential health problems.

    Size Chart


     Slip On Sleeve, Size Extra Small, Chest Size 34"-36", Length 9"


    Slip On Sleeve, Size Small, Chest Size 37"-42", Length 9"



    Slip On Sleeve, Size Medium, Chest Size 37"-42", Length 11"



    Slip On Sleeve, Size Large, Chest Size 43"-45", Length 11"



    Slip On Sleeve, Size Extra Large, Chest Size 46"-52", Length 12"


    *This sleeve does not fit the armholes QVEST or ZVEST

  3. XGuard® Sleeve Leaded - .30mm

    The XGuard line of sterile radiation reducing sleeves protects while providing dexterity and comfort. Sleeves reduce scatter radiation, not intended for primary beam exposure. The material is powder-free — reducing proteins, antigens, and irritation. FDA 510K approved for surgical use.

    Sold 3 pairs per box in individually wrapped sterile pouches and available in the color brown as shown.