Tobbogan Arm Guard

  1. Toboggan Arm Guard Pad (pad only)
  2. Toboggan Arm Guard

    Toboggan Arm Boards are crafted from crystal clear polycarbonate, providing both radiolucency and exceptional strength. Designed with a contoured top, they offer stabilizing support for clinicians' arms while safeguarding against sharp edges during procedures. Additionally, they are MRI safe. To ensure proper positioning, simply slide the toboggan under the pad, and the patient's weight will secure it in place.

    • Moreover, Toboggan Arm Boards are offered in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small size is ideal for procedures requiring a shorter height or narrower width, particularly suitable for pediatric, adolescent, and small patients. It also minimizes interference with overhead cameras and surgical equipment. The medium size is suitable for most average-sized patients' extremities, available individually or in pairs. Lastly, the large size accommodates larger arms and legs..
    • Removable pads sold separately.