Radiation Protection Services

Inventory Managment

BAIMS 2.0™, is a Cloud-based server platform that eases the burden of tracking hundreds of assets.


We can “put a new face” on an old apron and save you money. If the protective material is free from structural compromises such as cracks and holes, the apron could still be useful for your department. Extend the life of the garment with our Recovery Service.


We take great pride in the quality of our products and their ability to stand up to the demands of the clinical environment, but we also know accidents happen and circumstance change. We are here to help keep your aprons in working condition and offer a wide range of repair and alteration services.


The protective material used in radiation protection aprons and accessories contains heavy metals that attenuate scatter radiation and protect you from the detrimental effects of radiation exposure. The problem is that those same heavy metals are not very friendly to the environment and should be handled properly when they are no longer in use. If you have a radiation protection garment that needs to be taken out of use, be sure to properly dispose of it.