We can “put a new face” on an old Burlington apron and save you money. If the protective material is free from structural compromises such as cracks and holes, the apron could still be useful for your department. Extend the life of any Burlington garment with our Recovery Service.

What items can we recover?

Burlington recovers all Burlington Medical X-ray garments, including sleeves, leg wraps, and half aprons. This does not include thyroid shields or gonad shields as these items are too small to recover.

How does it work?

1) You inspect the material:
While we perform a visual inspection upon receipt of your garment to confirm that no obvious holes are present, ultimately it is your responsibility to evaluate the item with radiography, and verify the material passes inspection.

2) You send us the item you want recovered and tell us what you want:
Send us your dirty or stained apron (or other items), and choose from the materials, binding and embroidery options you want for your recovered apron.

3) Your item gets a new face!
We remove the outer fabric and replace it with brand new fabric, binding, and embroidery. We do not alter the protective material.

4) Add additional comfort options:
Now is a great time to upgrade your apron with compatible comfort features. Add a new padded elastic waistband, support belt, suspenders or enjoy the temperature-regulating technology of Outlast phase-change materials.

Have an item you want recovered?

Ask your Account Manager or call Customer Support at 1-800-221-3466.