How to Dispose of Your Old Apron

Lead aprons are beat up and dirtied on a daily basis. You know that lead is a toxic substance; you can’t throw it in the garbage like regular trash. Lead is known to contaminate the air and penetrate soils.


There comes a point where you can’t use your lead apron anymore, but what do you do then? To keep your facility environmentally friendly and stay within accreditation requirements, you should always dispose of aprons properly. There are a couple methods for lead apron disposal. First you want to check your state and local requirements for hazardous material disposal. Your state may have special regulations on how to dispose of lead aprons, and you want to ensure your facility is abiding by those guidelines. Once you have verified your local requirements there are several methods of disposal.  



If your apron is still usable and passes inspection, it may be a good option to look for charitable organizations to donate them to. For example in Virginia, the department of health (VDH) shows instructions for disposal and gives a list of organizations that can help. Consider donation if you don’t need the lead apron anymore but would like to get rid of it.

Disposal Company

These companies essentially scrap and recycle the material in your apron. There are many services that can provide this service for you, try to find a local one or give us a call. We can also dispose of your old apron for a fee. You can read more about our disposal program here.

One-for-One Disposal Program

For every apron you have purchased in the last 12 months, we will dispose of an equal number of aprons at no cost to you, other than the cost of the shipping to get the aprons to Burlington.

We’re committed to stopping pollution that can result from lead aprons being disposed of improperly.