The Next Level of Inventory Control & Asset Management

Before BAIMS PRO™ , asset management systems came in a one-size-fits-all format., BAIMS PRO™
is the only platform with the features and flexibility to provide a customized solution to any organization. Intuitive design and useful functionalities eliminate hours of work and remove the stress from inspections.

Server Platform Features

Database on BAIMS cloud, 24/7
accessibility from any PC or smart
device with a current browser

Enterprise level profile

Unlimited user profiles

Unlimited custom departments

Visual marking BAIMS DOT system

Advanced reporting functions.

Items purchased from Burlington
Medical are added to each database

Optional automated email notifications
for assets coming due and past due
for inspection.

Native App compatible with Apple iPad & iPhones*

Works off-line up to 24 hours, perfect for
areas with poor or no WIFI connectivity

BYOD eligibility—use your own iPad or iPhone

Provides mobility—take your database with you

Convenience—move freely without needing
access to a PC

Advanced sorting and filtering with
customizable views

Scan most barcodes and QR codes with
the app—replaces the need for a separate
scanning device

*See details about required iOS or model numbers

A Partner In Compliance & Support

Burlington Medical goes beyond the typical vendor, offering comprehensive, consultative support and assistance throughout the life cycle of your assets.

Outstanding Consultative Support

• Asset Inventory Data Upload Assistance
• Policy & Procedure Development—assistance in
writing and developing policies and procedures:
• PPE Inventory Management
• Apron Inspection Competency Checklists
• BAIMS Competency Checklists
• PRO-Audit—we perform a pre-audit of your facility’s
database prior to the audit window of a Certifying
and Accrediting Agency Audit.
• Certifying & Accrediting Agency or Mock Audit
Support—available during a Joint Commission,
DNV-GL, State, or other accreditation provider’s
audit to field questions and help produce reports.
• Webinars for Additional Staff Training
• Reporting Assistance
• Custom Department List Clean-Up


Add all your assets to the system easily with barcodes. Barcodes are available for any manufacturer’s aprons and assets.


Assets are kept and ordered in an easy-to-access database.


BAIMS PRO makes required inspections and record-keeping for your accrediting body easy.

A Higher Standard of Asset Management


Built on the original BAIMS platform that set the standard for the industry’s asset management systems, BAIMS PRO™ features advancements that redefine the management and tracking of radiological PPE.

Ready to get organized for your next inspection?