We Answered the Governor’s Call to Make Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Across the country, there is a dire shortage of essential equipment for healthcare providers to protect themselves from COVID-19. Face masks, in particular, are in extreme demand and extremely short supply.

Virginia is no exception, and the federal government has been able to help with limited results. To date, Virginia has only been receiving anywhere from 50% to 7.7% of the PPE it has requested from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). Many hospitals across the state are close to running out of supplies.

As Governor Northam told the Virginia Mercury, “While we appreciate what we’ve received from the national stockpile, it isn’t close to enough. Virginia’s health care providers and first responders deserve basic protection, equipment, and supplies. We need more, period.”

So we decided to step up. We reached out directly to Governor Northam and volunteered to use our facilities, resources, and artisans to make surgical masks, face shields, isolation gowns, and sourcing protective glasses to help shore up Virginia’s supplies.

While many businesses across the country have responded to the pandemic with similar production shifts, we feel especially well suited for the job. With decades of manufacturing protective equipment for radiation, we have deep experience supporting healthcare providers in critical and potentially dangerous tasks.

“Right here in our Newport News VA headquarters, we have equipment and teams of artisans to design, cut, assemble and sew complex radiation vests and apparel. We also have supply chain experts on hand. We’re not just producing basic face masks and isolation gowns, we’re using our craftsmanship and resources to make the highest quality PPE in its class.”

Stephanie Phillips, senior product manager and former registered nurse

PPE production has been in effect for weeks at our facility. Orders are now being accepted for tri-layer facemasks (the equivalent of three-ply surgical masks), polypropylene isolation gowns, high-strength face shields, and protective eyewear.

Due to the extreme scarcity of PPE, our distribution is evolving over time. Currently we are shipping splatter glasses and face shields nationally, 3-ply surgical style masks to the east coast and Chicago, and isolation gowns in Virginia. Check with your account representative to get the latest information on distribution.

“Healthcare providers have always been on the frontlines of public health, and protecting them has always been our company mission. We’re still producing radiation protection apparel, but we have to respond to the threat of COVID-19. We’re proud to be able to do so and help keep providers safer during this difficult and dangerous time,” said Stephanie Phillips.

Your New Source for PPE
Hospital or healthcare facilities in Virginia, contact us to order.

Consumers may order protective supplies online.