Protective Material Guide

Burlington Medical is on a mission to provide you with the most effective protective material available. We offer three different types of material with exceptional attenuation properties. All three protective materials are offered in thicknesses of 0.25mm, 0.35mm, and 0.5mm to offer the best options to fit your needs.

Our lead free protective material. With only less than 1% variance in attenuation than lead, it makes up for this by being one of our lightest materials. If you are looking for a lightweight material that is 100% lead free, Envirolite is the best option.

Our lead composite material made from Antimony and Lead. It provides a light weight, as well as strong protective qualities.

The most protective of the three materials, but is also the heaviest. Lead is a good option if you don’t mind the extra weight, but need to have maximum protection

Envirolite Test Results

Burlite Test Results

Lead Test Results

All material tested with methods that adhere to ASTM 2547-06(2013) & IEC 61331-1:2014 and meet all requirements.