Burlington Medical developed a state of the art barcode-based system to track radiation protection garments for the purposes of inventory control and inspection management.

Since May 1, 2015, every X-ray apron that Burlington Medical sells has come with a barcode tag attached to it.

The BAIMS™ 2.0 tablet app supports all of the features you will need to begin tracking your apron inspections through our managed system, including:

  • Application login so that only authorized users can access your data
  • Automatic apron data creation for aprons purchased from Burlington Medical
  • Add data for your existing aprons into the system
  • Associate barcode tags with your apron data, allowing you to quickly identify aprons in the future by scanning their tag with the supplied barcode tag reader
  • View all aprons in your inventory , or just those requiring inspections in the near future
  • View data for a single apron in your inventory, and view the inspection history for that apron
  • Conduct inspections on your aprons, with the ability to record defects and the date and time of inspection
  • Synchronization of data with the application server, so that your data is stored securely in the cloud.


Typically a hospital takes two to four weeks to inspect all its aprons, assuming an average of 500 to 1,000 aprons onsite. With the BAIMS 2.0 system, that can be accomplished in two to four days. The solution not only reduces labor during inventory checks and inspections but also allows you to ensure that staff members do not order an excessive quantity of aprons.


The BAIMS 2.0 Kit includes:

  • Retrofit tags for existing aprons
  • A handheld barcode scanner
  • Tablet computer loaded with the software that syncs read data with the hosted software.

To learn more, please contact us at 1-800-221-3466 or at

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